** UPDATE: May 2, 2011 15:06 **

  • WE LOST.  Please check for more info here.  What now?  I will have more detailed info later today. Go here and let me know if you want to participate.
  • It has been 35 days since the March 28, 2011 hearing.
  • You have 76 days until July 18, 2011 deadline
  • Please note that FORUM section is now open!  Please leave comments there so that others can quickly find the necessary info (click on the FORUM tab above)
  • I know it seems like its taking a long time but please remember that judges are handling numerous class action suits, all requiring equal scrutiny.  In my opinion, it is COMFORTING to know that Judge Ware is taking his time to review all facts and truths because that is EXACTLY what we want.


  • I would also like to remind everyone that it was Judge Ware who mandated the following when NVIDIA wanted to accept sales receipts only:


“…to read as follows: “Proof of Purchase” means one or more of the following documents, which demonstrates that a member of the Settlement Class purchased a Class Computer: a sales receipt, a credit card or other account statement, a shipping manifest, a purchase order, proof of registration, or such other documentation that the Administrator deems sufficiently reliable to demonstrate that one of the specified models was purchased in the specified date range…”

I think this was a fair indication that Judge Ware wanted to protect the Class members.


  • On a side note, if you have received a claim approval letter, please RE-CHECK the date to send back your computer.  The July18th date is the “MUST RECEIVE BY” date, meaning you need to allow sufficient transit time so that the settlement administrator will have your computer by the deadline.



  • Most HP Class members are waiting for Judge Ware’s decision before mailing in their notebooks/tablets as sending them in now may potentially limit their rights to enhanced computers.


  • I created a sample HP Replacement Product Guide, using my common sense understanding of “similar in kind and value”.  Please read it and let me know if I am being fair with my assumptions (check the REFERENCE tab above, or click here)
  • We have collected over 350+ online declarations from people who expressed various degrees of frustration, anger and outrage at NVIDIA and Milberg’s conduct.  What is most impressive is the fact that these 350+ declarations were collected purely based on a word of mouth and organic search engine results.  Jeff Westerman and NVIDIA may laugh at us and characterize us as a “tiny minority” but we beg to differ.  We certainly hope that some type of legal actions or sanctions will be brought upon these firms and individuals in the near future regardless of Judge Ware’s decision.
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